Disappearing paranoia

Eugene Kane, whose column appears in the Sunday Milwaukee Journal Sentinel posted a Facebook update today about the media paranoia blitz we experienced recently. In the weeks leading up to the midterm elections, there was fear about Ebola, ISIS/Islamic State, immigrants from South America and practically anything else you could worry about. I noticed that on certain progressive Facebook groups I belong to there were people constantly posting about the need for Ebola quarantines, as an example. These people had to be warned several times that there was no Ebola outbreak in the United States. i would not be surprised if some of that fear was also generated by right-wing extremists attempting to influence the election.

We heard very little about improved health of the economy and the number of jobs being created. Freedom to marry disappeared as an election issue as states bowed to the will of the federal courts and politicians avoided the topic. Thus, the democrats didn’t get nearly the boost you would have expected for being on the right side of history. As a side note, there were no embarrassingly bad candidates talking about things like witches or how women’s bodies could magically shut down an attempted rape.

The racist Republicans who had talked about hanging the President, made caricatures or otherwise acted disgracefully were gone from sight before we voted. Now, the fear is on the other shoe and the democrat fear mongers are out worrying about what the Republicans intend to do. Well, after Mitt Romney was crushed in President Obama’s re-election, the Republicans did not go home and cry. They got their billionaires out to buy the next election. And it worked. With a major pinch of fear.


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