I read it in the New York Times

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One way to look at the social change underway in America is to look at the wedding announcements in the New York Times.  Tonight I briefly looked at the pictures and saw marriage equality. There were pictures of the traditional heterosexual couples but then there were also lesbians marrying and gay men marrying and it was a reminder that New York State had approved marriage equality through a bill passed by the legislature and signed into law by Governor Andrew Cuomo.

If I checked the local newspaper, I would probably find the same thing. Only Wisconsin joined the 21st century through a different route. The federal courts have been striking down discriminatory laws  like the one passed in Wisconsin. I was a witness to the cynical ploy by state republicans a few years back because it wasn’t enough for them that the state statute defined marriage as being between one man and one woman.

No, they had to whip up a right-wing hysteria by placing a constitutional amendment on the ballot to enshrine discrimination for all time, or so they hoped, They won that battle. But then the courts began to speak so now, everyone is going to the chapel.

Or the restaurant where you met, going to the Unitarian church or the justice of the peace. There’s a local judge Moseley who probably marries people in his sleep. It’s a happening thing. Just a few months ago, the Milwaukee Magazine estimated how much money marriage equality could bring to Wisconsin.

And now, the issue has been settled. We are deciding that we don’t want government telling us who we can and cannot marry. We are a much freer and fairer nation as a result. You can say you read it in the New York Times.

There are no more euphemisms like “long time companion’ being used to describe same-sex relationships. Marriage shall hereby be defined as a relationship between 2 people who declare their love for one another and agree to live as spouses.


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