Good Grief, Charlie Brown

I have been listening to a friend tell about the loss of a friendship, someone he was close to, though not romantically. It is a story with many twists and turns involving someone we both know. I will call this woman Mona Lisa because she lives in a home that is virtually a museum. And I also think about the song Nat king Cole sang that asked whether the woman was smiling to tempt a lover or was she a cold and lonely, lovely piece of art.

At some point in our lives as adults we form friendships and some of those become romances. And then there are things that get in the way. Our emotions, our mental struggles, our need for medication and our difficulty relating to other people all play a part.Mona never developed that skill and I gave up trying to find it with her.

And once you find that skill and develop a romance, that is a whole new ballgame. Last night I was asking my companion about what she liked about me since we seemed to have so many traits that clashed. Oddly, I found she enjoyed the same things about me that I enjoyed in her. And thus, we have the basis for a continuing relationship and a way to understand the way our little quirks brought us together.

Unfortunately, for my friend Charlie Brown,he is stuck with a lot of grief and his thoughts about a woman who stopped talking with him. It brings to mind the old  Jackson Browne song “:In the shape of a heart.’ There is a line “I guess I never knew what she was talking about. I never knew what she was living without.”


A woman walking away.


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