At the mental health and substance abuse conference, part deux

I am a veterans of these conferences held in Wisconsin Dells and organized for mental health and substance abuse professionals and consumers. The room I am occupying is more like a small conference suite with a bedroom and a meeting area with a full kitchen, There are two TVs:one in the living room and one in the bedroom. This is certainly an upgrade from the room at Chula Vista where I stayed for a Grassroots Empowerment Conference. At the Chula, the rooms were much smaller and there was a roommate.

I was here last year for a conference and did a lot of thing that made my stay a lot less comfortable. But i have learned. I am a veterans. And things are going well. i believe i have recruited the second member of my peer support specialist team at our agency. We will need at least one more person especially to help cope with the increased demand that will be generated by the Comprehensive Community Services.

I have witnessed the power of a strong team of certified peer specialists helping to spur the Our Space, Inc. residential programs that they staff. And I have also seen the peer support staff at La Causa which operates the Community Linkage and Support Program. Our agency will be the only one to fully integrate peer support within a case management program. And that will make us stand out from the others.

I want to see peer support and case management have a happy marriage. maybe even change the whole nature of the relationship between agencies and consumers. i want to see people getting the assistance to which they are entitled. And I want us to help people we are assisting become their own peer specialists. Who thinks this is a good idea?

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