I will not be living my life based upon fear


We are living in a time when politicians and news media are using fear more than ever to push their point of view. And there are many things being used to create a hysteria and irrational beliefs in Americans. There is Ebola, a disease that is very difficult to contract and has proved most effective in exposing the weaknesses in health systems in African countries. We hear about the way travelers from Africa are being treated and we have to feel that there has to be a kind of racial element.  The Obama Administration has gotten out in front of the issue telling us the facts and letting us know that unless we are exposing ourselves to certain unusual conditions we have nothing to fear.

I would welcome sharing an airline flight with my African brothers and sisters and know we are safe. I have never shared bodily fluids with infected  people and I don’t plan on starting to do so now. Ebola has taken the place of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome AIDS as the thing to fear about Africans. But again, it was a very difficult disease to contract. And even testing positive for HIV has not meant the death sentence that many feared to would become.

Another thing to fear is the Islamic State or ISIS terror group. Some of the most extreme conspiracy know nothing people are combining Ebola with Islamic State in suggesting that this group operating in Iraq and Syria would somehow try to attack the United States with the virus. Also, the hysteria over the young people from Central America coming north is also combined with Ebola. Some idiots are telling us these young people could potentially be infected. News clowns and fear mongering politicians are trying to become experts on infectious disease and terror but it doesn’t work.

Paranoia strikes deep.

Into your life

It will creep

It starts when you’re always afraid

Step out of line

And someone’s going to take you away

It’s time to stop, children

Watch that sound

Everybody look what’s going down





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