the genetics myth – from Zeitgeist: Moving Forward

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zeitgeistThis is an extended [14min] clip from the excellent movie Zeitgeist: Moving Forward by Peter Joseph .

It includes interviews with people you’ll recognize here – Gabor Maté and Robert Sapolski – plus a couple of new ones Richard Wilkinson and James Gilligan.

The clip is embedded at the foot of the post, as is the  full movie.

It debunks the common misconceptions held around genetics and outlines how genes contribute and help us respond to and survive in, our environment.  There’s a brief  explanation of epigenetics – how genes and environment interplay – especially in relation to chronic illnesses, mental health and addictions, leaving people more disposed to each.

It also sets out how environment begins not when we are born but from when we become a foetus.

This is a stunning piece of work – this clip is 14 mins from an hour long movie, itself only one part of three.

The following is…

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