Calling in quirky




Am I the only one who does this, when you’re feeling a little bit and you’re not certain why. The little things about your personality that only you notice most of the  to take over and you think, if I go in to work acting like this, i will surely be fired. At the very least, I will do a George Costanza and go to sleep under the desk.

These are very dangerous days when quirks are all manifest. You’re talking strangely, not using verbs, avoiding all words with a hard c sound or using the opposite hand than you normally use to do everything. I’m not certain whether there is a name or diagnosis for these eccentricities. Perhaps you are having a day filled with all of Charlie Brown’s character traits. Only, when you do them, they come out seriously flawed. Everyone will catch you picking at your nose and be repulsed by your very existence.

My advice to remove all the sharp objects from the house, go find a Stephen Kig novel and barricade yourself insight behind blocks of solid tofu. The hospiotal may not admit you, but you’re in no condition to aid humanity today. You’re just too damned quirky.


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