Start speading the news, not sharing the manure

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There was this incredible people’s march on climate change yesterday that I found out about on twitter as participants shared pictures. It was one of the most positive events I have heard about in a long time and i would like to hear more from families or siblings who went and how it affected their relationship with one another. i have this lasting memory of being on a peace march with my brother and another memory of a close friend from high school coming to march with ,e when I was a college freshman at Howard University.What are the things that bind us together as progressives, not the things we dislike and wish we could eliminate from our lives.

The manure will always be out there and those who spread it will find it hard to eliminate the scent as it seeps into their pores. But those who spread stories of helping to eliminate homelessness among veterans will be more welcome. Yes, in spite of the problems at the Veterans Administration, the agency has reached thousands with a housing first model that has brought people in from the cold.

That’s where we ought to be as progressives bringing people in and helping to improve their lives, instead of focusing on what we dislike.

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