Facepalm: thanks for sharing your hateful memes

The various progressive and free thought facebook groups I belong to are filled with people focused on something they call facepalming, which is based upon finding all the memes the object to from their religious or conservative friends and sending them to other progressives or humanists. look at how silly my religious friends are, blah, blah, they think some sky daddy is going to save them if they just give their money to the church. Or look at that silly Sarah Palin, Fox News, Duck Dynasty, NRA wacko, see what they’re saying about Obama.

This actually defeats the purpose of humanism which I believe is to promote a better way of looking at the world. i don’t need to laugh about how silly their ideas are compared to mine. If I wanted to find out about some crooked minister, I’d visit his megachurch. I see being a part of the progressive movement as a means of promoting the common good. And the less I hear or see of hate  filled rhetoric, the better I feel.


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