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When I checked my site stats for the year I found that people from 60 countries have been reading my blog. Either that or the CIA has been keeping a lot of tabs on me. The top countries in terms of views are

United States

United Kingdom



Virgin Islands



No surprises, there, mostly English speaking countries. Except for a few of my relatives who were in ESL classes. My nosy little companion will probably want to check and see why I am getting all these views from India and Singapore. Hah hah.

There is a recovery based network in Canada peerworks that exchanges views once in while. And I have seen some blogs from the UK that interested me. It’s good to know that Americans don’t dominate the market for poor taste the way we did right after the Vietnam War. So if you’re reading me and wondering how the hell you arrived at this site, it’s all perfectly natural, kind of like a colonoscopy.


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