Milwaukee mental health was amazing

certified peer support coming to your mental health program
certified peer support coming to your mental health program

Yesterday’s Milwaukee mental health summit was one of the most positive events I have attended. It spoke in many different ways to the power of resilience. Peer support and especially certified peer support was shouted from the roof. The keynote speaker was a federal official from SAMSHA who is also a mental health consumer. The man I am referring to is Paolo del Vecchio, Directors for the Center for Mental Health Services of the Substance abuse and mental Health Services Administration. This is the lead federal agency designed to reduce the impact of substance abuse and mental illness in our

If you visit the SAMSHA website you will find very helpful information and resources relating to recovery.  These folks get you.

Another speaker who gets you is  Milwaukee Assistant Police Chief James Harpole who was there in his role as the father of Angelina Harpole, who has been struggling with mental illness. He was also asked about police response to people with mental illness. And his words were encouraging. I had been one of the people who spoke with the Mayor regarding the Crisis Intervention Team approach which educates the police about de-escalating potential conflict situations.


A lot us need to chill the fuck out.

There were many new African American peer specialists. i am always happy to see them and the ones who have been in the field for a while to see the things they have learned. And of course there was even a wonderful comedy routine by Chastity Washington that helped lighten the mood.

And there were several of my companion’s co-workers.People like Ralph, Eddie, Loretta and Susie, an interesting redhead. In all, it was a fun time.

Our Space, Inc. was very well represented . And there was an advocacy award in honor of Karen Avery, who had died last year. It was truly a day to remember

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