In case, you forgot, Mrs, Rice



I saw a posting on responding to comments on instagram from Janay Rice, wife of an abusive spouse, Ray Rice. When the tmz website released video of Jany being knocked unconscious by her then fiance. The public had already seen a video showing Ray dragging her off the elevator and onto the floor of the casino. Her response to the National Football League suspension of ray and widespread condemnation of him was to defend Ray. She may have forgotten we were not the ones who knocked her to the floor and disrespected her. We are not the ones in jeopardy. She is. I have never hit a spouse or loved one and nor would I put up with being battered. I leave in a city : a woman with a loaded weapon was murdered and it happens all too often. That is why no one is going to pay to see Ray Rice play football until we are absolutely certain that will be no more domestic abuse in your home. Good luck. This isn’t a game. This is real life.


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