The other shoe dropped and Ray Rice got the boot

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Justice is beginning to be served in the case of Ray Rice, a star running back and abusive spouse. Rice had previously been suspended for 2 games after news spread that he had abused his then fiance at a gambling casino. Howls of outrage caused the National Football League to announce new get tough policies for domestic abuse cases. However, that seemed too little too late because the revised suspension did not apply retroactively to Rice.

However, the website TMZ released video showing how savagely Rice beat his fiance in the elevator and dragged out onto the casino floor. Once the video went viral it was as though, proverbially, the other shoe had dropped. rice, who had starred in the Baltimore Ravens’ championship a few years back, was fired from the team and suspended indefinitely from the league. Most people with a strong moral compass stood up and cheered while also hoping that something more might happen. After all, if Rice had done this to one of his team mates, he would have been charged with assault and battery. What are the odds this wasn’t the first time he had beaten her or some other woman? What is there to keep it from happening again?

Is Ray Rice filled with rage now that his temper has been exposed? Is he blaming his wife for having cost him his job?Who would dare hire him or offer him to endorse one of their products?Given how brief careers are for pro football players, this good be a career breaker. The oldest running back in the NFL is only 34 and Rice is 27. The NFL has a serious domestic abuse problem and at least one other player Ray McDonald has an open case. It’s time that these big strong and powerful men learned that it is never okay to hit a woman. That ain’t no way to treat your baby, your woman, your wife.


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