Team Dark Skin





There have always been dark and lovely people since, after all, our earliest ancestors were Africans. But people of white skin have long-held the dominant positions in the world. Until very recently Africans throughout the diaspora lacked political and economic power. Thus it was not surprising that those who were the darkest were often ridiculed. Throughout the world we have devised products and surgeries that will make us look white. Or at least change our features so that they are less identifiably African.

At the same time there are movements that celebrate our dark skin, our often coarse hair and thick lips.    Langston Hughes wrote I am the darker brother. I am that brother, because I am also a very dark brown. Those who appreciate me celebrate my features and I celebrate theirs. That is why I was excited to find black atheists and other non-believers on Facebook. Most recently I found a sister who proclaimed she was president of Team Dark Skin. This woman would have been one of my favorite cousins. It is not that she is only with dark and lovely people like her. In fact, she is with all types of people on her Facebook page and having a good time.

I decided to look up the hashtag Team Dark Skin and found all kinds of posts on twitter and pin interest. I believe this is a way of proclaiming the positives within us, similar to when James Brown proclaimed, “say it loud, I’m black and I’m proud.”And someday we will have the power that was stolen away from us by bullets, bibles and self-hatred.


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