Going riding in a pink cadillac

Two months ago one of our consumers announced that his birthday was during the state fair and he wanted to celebrate by attending an Aretha Franklin concert. Now it is almost midnight and the concert is long over. Aretha is probably is an airplane and one happy man is in bed. I assisted with this in my role as a peer specialist and a fan of Aretha. There’s nothing that says recovery needs to be all about attending meetings. Not in the least. Recovery means being included. When things happen in the city, people from all over should be able to participate. This weekend, we’re going riding again.

There were a lot of things to like about this idea. I bought the tickets at the last minute for a very good price and they were good seats. I was able to find reasonable parking a block away from the state fair. And the consumers enjoyed themselves. So I suggested that we try to find a similar opportunity. We don’t have to go in a big group to have fun. If you see me in my pink cadillac remember to wave.

When I called home to talk with my sister yesterday I found that she had seen Aretha with our sister just a couple of weeks ago. It had been a very hot day and our 90 year old mom was excited. It was good to be able to share this with her. One of the most interesting things was discovering that the crowd was overwhelmingly white. It never crossed our minds that the people to see the Queen of Soul would be young whites. This was the woman we had seen on tv when we were growing up. We had never seen her in person and the health scare she had probably motivated us. There were fears that she had some form of cancer but she told a story about defeating it.

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