It’s time to DASH

I have been trying to cope with my blood pressure over the years with a variety of medications. The meds keep coming, my weight keeps rising and my blood pressure still never got to be where I wanted it to be. I wanted something better. After going to the VA so many years I decided to try a new doctor. It was a pleasant surprise when my blood pressure came in very well at my first appointment. The other surprising thing that happened was the doctor told me about the DASH diet designed to control blood pressure without medication. I needed to make some lifestyle changes like eating more vegetables and fruits and getting out and being more active. I have a step counter on my watch that helps me see how far I am going. There is no reason to be overweight, not if I can help it. I’m going to DASH.

Those of us who have had experiences with taking prescription medications know that this can be an unpleasant experience. The side effects can be deeply debilitating. and make people resist taking them. This is especially true if one has experienced Mental Dis-ease. Some of the side effects can be deadly leading to problems such as diabetes and even suicidal thoughts. The things recommended in the DASH diet can be used in many different situations. Eating well, exercising and staying away from alcohol are always recommended. The reference to being overweight refers to me. I have been shocked to suddenly be weighing 177 pounds, which is at least 10 pounds more than I should be. My body mass index is now over 25. That indicates I am at least 10 pounds heavier than is recommended. My energy has declined and it can be difficult to get myself going. That’s why I need to DASH. Who is with me on this?

It’s too soon to tell what kind of results the new diet is producing. But my weight was down to 175 and my first blood pressure reading was also down. These are things that I want to see continuing. the-roots-questlove

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