Complimenting workers

I was at the Brady street festival Saturday with my companion and another friend. We were looking for food and that area has plenty of restaurants. My friend had been looking for a brat but I was running on empty so I needed to go to the first place available. We ended up at a place with burritos and such. It was a very interesting experience. We were seated so that we could check out the crowd on the street but what drew my attention was the ever alert wait staff. Especially a young black man who was not our waiter but seemed to be going on ever ready batteries.

I am also aware that the minimum wage for tipped workers is miserable and the restaurant industry is notorious for leading the fight against raising the minimum wage. I complimented the young man for being such a good worker and left av generous tip for our waiter. Workers are the backbone of our society, but attention seems to focus on business owners. Tax breaks, and other supply side trickle down economics that don’t put money into workers’ pockets.

We need to begin complementing the people who bring us our food, help us through mental crises and provide comfort and electricity. They are the ones who buy and they deserve a break today.


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