Joe Biden for President, Now!

Andy Borowitz has a wonderful response to the idiots who scream about wanting President Obama for impeached. Obviously they have nothing better to do and don’t understand what impeachment really means. A bunch of silly ass repugnants in the house of representatives could actually bring government to a halt with foolish list of charges and a vote to impeac, just as they did with Bill Clinton. However, similar to the wasteful attempt to remove Clinton, the attempt would fail in the Senate because it would require a 2/3 vote. In the unlikely event that a democratic party controlled senate would vote to remove a democratic president, the effect of such a move would be to elect Joe Biden. We the people voted for Barack and Biden. We are not going to sit back and see a bunch of do nothings overturn the results of the past two presidential elections.

And I think frankly that the dysfunctional nature of the republican lead house of representatives would prevent any action from being taken. So, as anxious as the rabid right wing is to have Joe Biden as president, it ain’t gonna happen…at least not through this means.


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