The continuous horse race

The elections in America are just one continuous horse race as speculation about who’s on top, who’s surging and who may or may not run takes over. There is barely any time to notice issues. We can’t pay attention to the children flooding into our country from Central America. And the issue only exists for Republicans to use as talking points alongside Benghazi and other attempts to manufacture scandals. The Republican house is setting some new record for investigations and those investigations feed into the horse race. Somehow Oven Glove is rising in the speculation for 2016. The guy who was rejected 2 years ago has a new series on non-positions to try out.

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and others have their names bandied about as potential candidates. How will this help or hurt us? Although before the re-election of President Obama, the pundits were telling us that the jobs numbers and the economy were very important, now supposedly the latest polls show that Americans are upset because things happen that the president cannot control. As if that makes sense as a reason for judging a president’s performance What are the things that the president can control? If the republicans in congress take it as a badge of honor not to act, can they actually have standing to sue the president for exercising his powers?

Added to the horse race are endless speculations about impeachment. I noticed that war-hawk John McCain shot down the latest impeachment speculation from his former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. He explained that the American people hated the wasted attempt to impeach Bill Clinton and that it hurt the republicans in the elections. Palin doesn’t to understand anything. She is just part of the noise of the horse race. Meanwhile, Palestine is burning. We need to take off our horse race goggles and pay attention to people’s lives. Poor people need a raise in pay. Companies need more customers. The highway trust fund is running out. Stop speculating about 2016 and fix some of these problems, damn it.


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