So, who do you know wants to work?

Despite my aversion to planning I actually did a lot of planning in my life, before and after I was diagnosed with a mental illness.  I went through several different careers before finding my current one and I did scout around to learn about the agencies where I am working.  I am listening to friends tell me about their retirement plans and I understand I need to be doing that same kind of work.  When i spoke with a couple of new friends about getting out-of-town this summer I knew the next step would be to look at my appointment book. The weekend of August 7-10 looks like a good time for me.  I am thinking about going to see my family in November, as well. The idea will be to make certain I have enough accumulated time available, which I did not do when I decided I needed to get out-of-town last year That will be my attempt to follow the advice of the old Cole Porter songs Get Out Of Town.

And there is most definitely a need to work on reducing my blood pressure. A friend suggested trying a goal of two trips to the gym per week as a starting point. Being in Madison for the employment conference helped because this is definitely a pedestrian friendly city. I checked the step-meter on my phone and I racked up a lot of steps wandering around the university area, asking for different streets.

I have noticed that my normal energy has been returning so now is the time to get going on doing these things. So here I am at a conference on supported employment which is the biggest thing to hit Wisconsin and I am learning how other peer support specialists are helping people get into employment. I have been doing some work in this area the past two years. So I will be going back to Milwaukee all refreshed.

I want to start talking with the people who want to work and those who are working and using myself as an example.  The longer I have worked, the more rewarded I feel. I moved away from living very near the edge financially My life has been littered with good and bad examples of what to do in life but lately I have noticed that things are tilting more towards good examples. That is always a good sign.


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