The most important thing in life

Hopeworks Community

The most important thing in life is not how we change things or what we make of circumstances but what they make of us.

1. In all things strive to be the person you want to be.
2. Be kind to yourself when you are not. You are a human being. We are all short of what we want to be.
3. Help others to do the same. You will often see the worst in other people. Don’t accept it as a final verdict.
4. Never miss an invitation to gratitude. Even a little bit of gratitude is a big thing.
5. You will find much to be sad about. But there is much to be glad about. They come as a set.
6. Fear is okay. Courage is the human response to fear. Sometimes the most courageous act is owning the fear.
7. Most good things seem to happen…

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