The next movie I see will be A normal heart about the gay health crisis based upon a largely autobiographical play by Larry Kramer. I heard interviews about the movie and it sounds like the tort of thing I would enjoy. There was an interview with Jim Parsons of The Big Bang and another one with Larry Kramer and I decided I could learn from watching this movie.

Kramer is now 79, far older than he probably expected to live, when he saw AIDS and HIV devastate the gay community. He is impatient for change and he demands that people wake up. I need to be awakened, too. After so many died, too many are still being infected and thinking it’s okay, because the meds will save them. I want to see what people experienced when I was part of The Other America.

A New York Times writer cautioned people against seeing A Normal Heart as a period piece but as something in an ongoing battle. We have people who are gaining equal rights under the law now in 2014 and others who are holding them back. There are attorneys general and churches and governors and ordinary bigots on the side of wrong and on the other side are the friends, lovers, children, sisters, brothers neighbors and others. We know that ultimately we will prevail but what does that mean to young gay men? Does it mean multiple partners? Does it mean forming close relationships? What does it mean to have a normal heart? That is what I am going to learn.


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