Planet Rock – Afrika Bambaataa & Soul Sonic Force

recovery network: Toronto

soulsonic foce

Planet Rock

Party people, party people
Can y’all get funky?
Soul Sonic Force, can y’ll get funky?
The Zulu Nation, can y’ll get funky?

Ya, Just hit me
Just taste the funk and hit me
Just get on down and hit me
Bambaataa’s jus’ gettin’ so funky, now hit me
Ya, just hit me

Just start to chase your dreams
Up out your seats, make your body sway
Socialize, get down, let your soul lead the way

Shake it now, go ladies, it’s a livin’ dream
Love, life, live
Come play the game, our world is free
Do what you want but scream

We know a place where the nights are hot
It is a house of funk
Females and males
Both headed all for the disco

The DJ plays your favorite blasts
Takes you back to the past, music’s magic, poof
Bump, bump, bump, get bump with some flash…

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