Love Wins in Wisconsin

Yesterday I saw the delightful news that federal judge Barbara Crabb had overturned a state ban on same-sex marriage. State officials who were on the right side of history moved swiftly to issue marriage licenses and conduct weddings. Even the police in Madison, our state capitol, delivered wedding cakes to celebrate the marriages. My Facebook friends were excited. One couple who have been together more than ten years had a tacky wedding proposal widely enjoyed by all of us.

All, of course, except for those who believe discrimination should be enshrined in our constitution. For them, the judge had a sharp rebuke, reminding them that traditional marriage was actually polygamy. The passage of the anti-gay amendment was an attempt to rally the troops for intolerance. It immediately created two classes of citizens: those of us who enjoyed equal treatment under the law and those who did not. And it created the basis for the law suit that the ACLU if Wisconsin filed against it. As a result, love has won.

Nothing in the decision affected my relationship with my companion. We are as straight today as we were before the amendment was passed. The only difference is that today we could find some same-sex partner and get married. I am delighted that many of my straight friends were cheering on the decision for love. We can celebrate for our friends gaining their equal rights and protections and having the right to say “I do” or “I don’t” with everyone else. Hurray!Featured Image -- 3631

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