I notice that people keep reading the story I wrote about the death of Joan Lawrence, who lead the organization through a period of dynamic growth and controversy. She was definitely a polarizing figure and made plenty of enemies and friends. There was an acrimonious struggle between Our Space and other non-profit organizations that died with Joan. A young woman who is the lead peer specialist at one of their sites is one of the tri-chairs of the Milwaukee County Recovery Committee and was recommended to be on the committee that will take charge of mental health. I was very impressed with her and glad that she made the most of her opportunity with the committee. In addition a woman who had been working at the county mental health complex is now the membership coordinator.

I have also noticed that the organization seems to be gaining new members. That is my impression over this past year.  So, while Our Space had some struggles, they are alive and well. It will be good to see the organization begin implementing the new Milwaukee County Living Wage Law.



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