Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

Below is a short film that makes the argument that those who’ve attempted suicide but survived and gone on to live and thrive should be part of the conversation when we deal with suicide prevention. That this isn’t already entirely obvious to everyone remains disconcerting to me. And, it’s odd to watch this film just because these voices are part of my world everyday. It’s good that what is so obvious to many of this blog’s readers is being pushed into wider society. This idea should not be considered radical, but it is.

Suicidal feelings are part of the human emotional spectrum. We need to be able to talk about all our emotional tapestry freely.

Let us talk openly about suicide and suicidal feelings. Openly talking about our feelings and the phenomena in general is the way to learn and heal.

See also: NOTHING ABOUT US Without Us—Judi Chamberlin

I’m cutting and…

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