I discovered last night that my new relationship has lasted more than 6 months and that this has been one of the fastest years on record. Imagine, you meet someone and you begin going out together and then in seemingly 3 months you are married and have 4 children. Fortunately that is not what happened but it could have.

Most of the time we have been together it has been cold and we were trying to sleep. If we had stopped sleeping so much we would have had so much more time together.

Other ways that we might have reduced useless activity might include wearing 3 or 4 outfits at a tine, cutting back on bathing or taking early retirement. Of course by now we would have probably grown sick of one another. Our nearest relatives might have called various authorities to make reports about our behavior and our landlord and the cats might have noticed our odors. So it’s better to not ponder anything like that.  The cats are reassured seeing us go off to work 5 days a week. They have some kind of scam going on where they pretend to not get along when we’re around. Then afterwards they are just fine. They probably talk with one another when we’re not watching.We could have exposed their little racket if we had paid more attention to them instead of having our relationship.

In the meantime we have our cozy little lives together.






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