I love being in a relationship

local-postman-cardI feel more protected being with someone instead of just being exposed. Anything could happen when you’re not involved. I’ve heard of single people who were literally carried off in the middle of the night by mobs preying on single vulnerable individuals. Can you image that happening to someone in a relationship?  No, your partner would spring to your defense. Words like unhand my sweetheart would scare away the worst villain and you would be home safe.

Being in a relationship also means a bigger bed. Unless, of course, you’re already big as a house in which case, you need to get out of bed and go exercise. But for the rest of us, small to medium size folks, .we are going to bed in a full or king size bed with our partners. However there are some exceptions. Those of you who were told (and believed, hah, hah,) that it was sinful to sleep with someone outside of marriage you will be the ones laying in a bed with your pets. Those of us who are atheists or just plain horny will have all the sex you’re no enjoying. Oh, there’s a loose orgasm, now.

Maybe you’re like the character Jim Parsons plays on The Big Bang Theory, afraid of germs and other things that result from being touched. Your unfortunate would be lovers are spending the best years of their lives pleasuring themselves with various devices instead of with you. You’re probably too afraid to do much more than shake hands. You can see I am not feeling sympathy for you, either. Grab those little germs from saliva and slurp away, friends.

Then there are us, married, unmarried, straight, crooked, bent, bi or gay as possible consenting adults exercising our rights to be who we are intended to become, throwing off the bonds of some straight-laced old farts who tried to legislate for us. To those, we saw keep your laws and your morality off our bodies. We are raising children, paying bills, working and doing all sorts of things that would blow your imagination wide open. In our world we are safe, protected, loved and fabulous. That’s what being in a relationship means.



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