Wherever you go

Mom at 90 with my sister Chris
Mom at 90 with my sister Chris

My former girl friend had a favorite saying, wherever you go, there you are. The saying stuck with me long after our relationship had ended and I found that it came from a book. Gee, wiz, who knew Google had existed since 1941?

When I got to almost any place related to mental health, I meet someone who knows me and may have been a co-worker or a person who I assisted. I had an experience like that earlier this week. I was not looking to meet people, I was there as a helper.

And yet, there I was. If you venture into the community, you meet people who have different memories of you. Some of these people may despise you. Deal with it. Maybe you were an asshole. Deal with it. The truth is, every time you venture out is a chance for something completely different. So put on whatever makes you feel good, fits your sense of style and be prepared to be amazed.

Because, like they say, wherever you go…I just dropped a picture of my mother and older sister into this short blog entry as a tribute to two of the finest woman I know. We all have different paths. They have had theirs and I had mine. One of the best things they ever did was let me decide what I believed. They never gave me a bible and told me to read it. It was an example a lot more people ought to follow.


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