Governor Walker is Full of shit

I’m certain that many of my friends have reached the same conclusion as me regarding the head of Wisconsin government. I watched disgusted as he talked about his so-called tax cut providing real relief for people like me. I have slept through a few of these deals and I knew the drill. The compliant mainstream media would be caught up in the hoopla and in their 2 minute news window we would hear about how this was real money.

Real money for someone else at the top of the economic ladder but barely a whisper for me.  There are things that have economic impact like providing tax credits to help low to moderate income people with health insurance. I have read stories about how people with those dreaded pre-existing conditions have benefited from the Affordable Care Act and accessed tax credits that put money into the hands of working people. Just like that people are finding their premiums are dropping.

Because of resistance from Republican governors like Walker, thousands of people who would have been eligible for Medicaid were not able to gain access because the Supreme Court told them they did not have to expand the program in their states. That includes Wisconsin. If Walker had done the right thing, the impact of Medicaid expansion would have rippled across the state.

The difference between Walker and a progressive governor is almost a million miles and the millions of dollars spent to elect him. Bleah.


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