Minute by minute

Uncle JImmy and Brandon
Uncle JImmy and Brandon

Tonight at the restaurant celebrating Mom’s 90th birthday I reminded my Uncle Jimmy of the time he had played the Doobie brothers song Minute by Minute years ago for some younger guys like me as we sat in his car outside the house. He was feeling cool and enjoying playing the role. He likes that part of the successful uncle, married to the same woman and raising children with her. Now he lives in Georgia and is part of our family diaspora successfully retired. He takes his medicine and listens to his older sister about taking care of himself. I talked with him and my nephew Kyle at the dinner and enjoyed our time together. Minute by minute is how we live our lives.

In my work I often find people are too caught up in what may happen and they fear that the worst is about to befall them. As a result they end up paralyzed.  And unable to make a decision. A few minutes ago, seemingly, we were sharing our old house with our cousins and Mom was a nurse. I was struggling with feelings of depression at different points but still managing to hold on.

I got to the point where I was able to see us all growing older. It’s hard to imagine how quickly social change has taken place. It’s hard to imagine my nephew John playing in two bands, raising a family and it’s hard to imagine my recovering from the sadness of lost love and now sharing my life with a dear woman who makes me laugh. Now my niece Grace is bonding with her cousin Brandon.

If you wait for the right moment to do what you have set your heart on accomplishing, the decision may be made for you by circumstances beyond your control. The pictures from our family gathering will be on Facebook later this week but remember this message and have a good night.




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