I have been re-certified as a peer support specialist by the State of Wisconsin. This is a testament to my hard work over the past 2 years. Becoming certified was a major step in my life and brought about all kinds of rewards. It’s the kind of thing you guard very carefully. When you think of where you’re going and what you have accomplished, you have that rock upon which you can build. I have started my second graduate school class in community mental health and psychotherapy but I also owed it to myself to make certain I sent out my re-certification papers with plenty of time to spare.

Today I saw the email response to the papers I had submitted. I’m excited as I take this next step. I seem to be in demand. Also in the email were 5 recently completed policies and procedures by the Recovery Advisory Committee that I sit on which is assisting the implementation of a new Medicaid benefit called community recovery services. And I received an email at work that my presence is required at  the meetings for the new employment program. I had a very productive appointment today with a consumer regarding her employment goals. Things are moving ahead.

It will be good to go home and see my family feeling positive and spreading the news. I know that everyone will be happy for me.




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