Say hi to Siggy and the Gang

I sprung out of bed bright and early Sunday morning for the second part of my first weekend at the Southern New Hampshire Counseling and Psychotherapy class. I had procrastinated to the last-minute before finishing my first paper. Turning it in was such a load off my shoulders. Won’t it be fun reading the same textbook I have used at Milwaukee Area Technical College? It’s going to seem a little familiar. I have heard so much of Freud in school that I could scream. It will be interesting to see what kind of impact any of this has on the Milwaukee Mental health system.

One thing I noticed was that there were far more women than men in the class. Also there was a group of students who had started the program before the cohort I joined who are taking the class with us.  Their group had three African-Americans, 2 women and 1 man, for a total of 7 African-Americans. And we were a diverse group of African-Americans including 1 man who drove from Ohio.

I am the only peer support specialist, although the program is supportive of peer specialists. Yes, we need to improve the culture competence of our clinicians. One of our assignments is to apply the various psychotherapy methods to different populations. My small group is assigned to find information regarding Mexican Americans. I spent an hour at home Saturday searching for articles regarding Adlerian theory as it applies to Mexican Americans. After printing out one article, I fled the apartment to seek comfort from Lizzy.

I was in good spirits Sunday as she told me “Say hi to Siggy and the gang” after breakfast. If you’re going into the existential nothingness, you might as well spend the night rolling in your sweet baby’s arms. I have no idea whether she said anything else but it was very therapeutic.

I was ready to meet the gang and learn what they had done. It would be interesting to learn whether I will be encountering any African-American psychotherapists writings. Until I do, I will have to contend with what I already have.


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