Stop profiling people with mental illness

Th . New York Times published an op-ed article recently regarding the profiling of persons with mental illness.  The author, Andrew Solomon was denouncing the shameful treatment of a Canadian woman by the Department of Homeland Security.

Ellen Richardson was denied entry into the United States last month while attempting to visit the Caribbean. Her plan had been to board a cruiser leaving from New York City. How relaxing that would have been. Instead she was told she was told she would be allowed to enter the US without medical clearance from one of three doctors approved by the DHS. All because she had been treated for depression last year.

My question is, how did DHS obtain her private medical information? Who are they to reject the judgment Ellen made with her medical professionals about her recovery? And how far does this mental health exclusion list extend?

I have received treatment from mental health professionals. It was my recovery that lead me to become a certified peer specialist. Will those nosy S.O.B’s look into my records and take away my right to travel? Or, if I leave the country, will I be barred from returning? Are the medical records of rich people more protected than those of ordinary citizens?

I believe that the United State and Canada owe Ellen Richardson an apology and a free cruise to replace the one she was unable to experience. Stop profiling people with mental illness. Respect our privacy the same way as it would be protected for a physical illness.



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