Dark moods can lead to missed cues

As my ex-wives can attest, I am usually very perceptive in picking up on social cues. There’s nothing like a woman packing your bags and getting them on the street to let you know that you’re not wanted. Another important tip can be the volume of letters your wife receives from divorce lawyers.

Having established myself as an expert on these matters, I can assure you I was flummoxed by a recent occurrence. I was invited to spend what I believed would be a quiet evening playing dominoes. Upon my arrival, I discovered that my lady friend was playing music from the 60s and 70 from when he children were growing up. She offered me a choice of wine and that was good. However, I was soon overtaken by a mysterious element of darkness. I could not answer her questions and in fact became reluctant to talk.

It was very different from the many times that I had seen her. And yet the more I pondered, the more I realized I felt like being alone. But I did not leave. I stayed and she held me for a while before I drifted off to sleep. When I spoke to her a few days later, in a much different mood, she told me that she had hoped we would spend a romantic evening together. However, because of the cloud that hung over me, I never saw it.It can be strange not even realizing what your partner is trying to say. I hope I figure out these things before she donates my body to the Medical College of Wisconsin while I’m still alive.



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