Please be advised: you have missed the appointment you cancelled

Because I work such long shifts I don’t always check my voicemail. this stems from the reason that I hated buying a cell phone in the first place. I didn’t want people to be able to reach me all the time. It was so much easier having a home phone that people would call and reach me about 25% of the the time leaving their dreary messages. Now, anybody can call me: Russian mobsters, presidents, central bankers, girl friends, wives, and the guy I rented that tuxedo from last week.As you can well imagine, I have a certain reluctance to answer the phone.

So you can image my surprise today when I checked the voicemails this evening and found that the Veterans Administration had called to remind me that I had missed my appointment this afternoon. When I checked the snail mail I found a letter cancelling said appointment. It was as if the left and right hands of the hospital were not in sync with one another. The VA is full of signs reminding patients about the cost to the VA of our failure to arrive. In fact, when I arrived on Monday, I was perky, received excellent care and was told that today’s appointment would be cancelled. In fact I have had this problem twice. Now that it is too late, I feel a certain reluctance to to call the VA and remind them that they had cancelled my appointment. What if they try to call me back and their message goes in between my ex and present very wonderful wife?



4 thoughts on “Please be advised: you have missed the appointment you cancelled

  1. I know what you mean. We live in Arkansas and, as you may know, have been hit hard with ice storms and snow in the past week. It stopped snowing but the state is not doing very well at clearing the roads… so we can’t go anywhere. Last week I attended a scan appointment, just before the inclement weather hit, and was to make a follow up at the surgeon’s office to discuss the results, when they got them. I was waiting for them to contact me regarding all of that.
    I got a phone call from the surgeons office yesterday, the first since last week, telling me I had missed yesterday’s appointment… I was not aware I had one? No one rang to say I had one. She said ‘oh they made it for you’. I said ‘well, wouldn’t it be a good idea to 1. let me know about it, and 2. make sure I can actually get to it? Because right now we cant get out at all because of the icy roads’… ugh silly people! So, I do know how you feel πŸ˜‰


    1. Oh, yes, the medical that makes an appointment for you without informing you of it and then says you missed the appointment you didn’t know about! Maybe the need a rocket scientists to help them!


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