This Christmas, I want to know you better

The title of this blog is derived from the famous Donny Hathaway Christmas song that many will be singing. I never associated this time of year with the whole manger story, which sounded hokey, unbelievable and not related to anything I had ever experienced. Let’s start with the idea of virgin birth. I mean, you don’t make love to your wife and somehow she becomes pregnant by some other man and you’re okay with that? No, I would not be okay. Why we had not had sex yet is a whole separate issue. Could be a matter of blood flow, Charlie.

No man I have encountered would accept this arrangement. So, then I must look to secular alternatives. Getting to know you better? There is someone who I am getting to know better. We talk about cooking, spices, the cats, and things I can relate to. We discuss our youthful ambitions and whether the kind of work we are doing reflects them.

When I look around the office, I see a lot of married people getting to know their spouses and one another better. We are discussing this concept of recovery and how we can implement it better for the people we assist. I want to know recovery better.

I want to know myself better. I discovered last week that I had a rather annoying medical problem that affected my day. But then I went to the hospital and in a few hours I was experiencing relief. There’s even that pre-diabetes that I have been coping with. I want to get to know it better so I can understand how to resist the full onset of the disease. Friends who have been missing from our lives, this is a chance to get to know them better. Karen Levy commented on my blog last week. Many years ago I had considered her my best friend. I remember the pictures of her son, who is probably an adult somewhere in his 30s.

We need to get to know one anther for part of our emotional wellness. That’s what I’m seeking and I hope you will be open to being found.



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