Things have changed dramatically since I left my old hometown

Portrait of Benjamin Franklin
Portrait of Benjamin Franklin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There have been some changes since I left my old home town. Here are some of the major ones:

  1. Electricity: there was some guy named Ben Franklin who did an experiment and got shocked and whammo the next thing you know there’s electricity, everywhere except where I used to live so I had to leave. It was quite a cultural shock coming to Milwaukee and finding electric lights.
  2. Cars: yes, it’s like oh my goodness, When I left, people people were walking everywhere but then suddenly there were these black things honking and trying to move them out of the way.
  3. White people: An even bigger shock. I mean of course I had seen white on tv in other cities. Like on that show “Friends.” Who knew there so many of them? But in real life, not so many. Well, there they were. Although, just to confuse things, the Mayor is named White and of course, he is brown.
  4. Street lights: With the cars and electricity, came the inevitable street lights, traffic jams and road rage. Bringing all of the bad old days from other cities.
  5. Non-oddballs: Anybody who would have lived here before would certainly be considered a little strange. Which was fine with me, but now there was something new. People who for some reason or another did not consider themselves strange or unusual.
  6. Kangaroos: with the rise in property values what with white people moving in, electricity and cars, kangaroos decided that this was a proper city in which to live, so they arrived in trains, planes and automobiles, carrying their loved ones in their pouches. They’ve settled down although they have not yet decided whether to be oddballs or musicians. but at least no one yells at them to get a job, because kangaroos can be very hot-tempered when insulted.

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