When will Grace write her first book?

I am visiting my old home and listening to Grace, the niece I wrote about years ago, is talking up a story. She is a four year old enrolled in the public schools and speaks perfect English. She even understands sequences and used the phrase “before I was born.”

Nephew John and his daughter Grace
Nephew John and his daughter Grace


Her father is a slender man, my first nephew, who is in his mid 40’s. He is quiet and self-assured. He knows what he is doing and seems like he is good at what he does. I told him when he dropped off Grace to visit that I had done well this year, met a nice woman and was happy. He asked me if he could see her picture and I said it was complicated. She’s a mental health advocate and very smart. But tends to shy away from cameras. She is compassionate, empathetic and likes local oddballs.


My sister and I are going to take Grace downtown to purchase tickets for a play. When she returns, she will begin the first draft of her book and we will be lining up publishers. Are we pushing this a little fast? I don’t think so.


nieces (Photo credit: sukhchander)






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