We’re all bozos on this bus

One of my pet peeves is when a co-worker tries to boss me around. Especially one of those who is not a supervisor. Earlier this week I had one of those moments. I had my first shift working at the hospital since my week of training in Wellness Recovery Action Planning. It was on a day when I had less than my usual sleep so that by the time I arrived, I was on 40% of battery.

I was carrying my WRAP binder and had planned to talk with a worker about the experience. When I arrived, there was a new peer specialist asking questions about what ward I worked on and seeming to be in charge. I moved away and started talking with another peer specialist about WRAP and how we could implement it in the hospital. I had attended a meeting for WRAP facilitators on Tuesday and there was going to be a conference call at 7pm. Facilitators from across the state were to meet and discuss our ideas. We are part of a new effort being spurred by Milwaukee County.

We are looking for new tools to help us better work with the men and women we have been assisting. None of which involved this new co-worker. She came into the room where I was meeting with my WRAP co-worker and announced that she was planning to leave and reminded us to go check on our wards.

This was quite puzzling, and I did not respond. Afterwards, I talked with my co-worker about this experience and we decided we would approach the supervisor about the fact someone had assumed this authority. I carried out the shift as I had originally planned. The conference call went well and we are one step closer to implementing this new initiative. The following day, we made our reports and the supervisor spoke with the new peer specialist about what had happened. Yesterday I heard from my co-facilitator that she had been accepted to the same grad school program as me. And she was upset that the new worker had become upset with her and stopped talking.

We can only take personal responsibility for our own emotions. We are accountable to the supervisor and our agency is responsible to Milwaukee County. As for the my fellow peer specialists, it’s like the old Firesign Theater radio album, we’re all bozos on this bus. None of us have authority over one another. Frankly, I wouldn’t want it. I’d rather be one with my fellow bozos and bozoettes. If people don’t talk to me because I’ve offended them, that’s just one less voice that I will be hearing. It’s a win-win


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