Neverending story

Phobos transits the Sun, as seen by Mars Rover...
Phobos transits the Sun, as seen by Mars Rover Opportunity on March 10, 2004 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My companion likes a good story. So she turns on her computer bright and early determined to find out as much as she can about me. Yes, with devotion like that, she would have been helpful to the Mars Rover mission. When I told her I had written more than 700 entries, she was determined to read them all.

There are many different reasons for reading me. For instance, to gain insight into the nuts and crannies of my personality. There is a group of clinicians who read me to help gather evidence in a third party petition against me. There are others who are still wondering how dinosaurs co-existed with modern men and women and they are certain I revealed the truth. And finally, there are those who say that they swoon when I quote Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell. And yet, I can’t figure out how much to tip the wait staff after dinner.

Google is keeping track of me. I decided that instead of giving people my blog address, I could simply tell them to google me. It makes this out to be a really big project, something that might impress Joe “Big Fucking Deal” Biden. I figure if the government is going to spend so much time spying on us, with their NSA, we better get to writing. Write whatever comes to mind. Let them make sense out of it. I know I gave up making sense a long time ago.


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