We are in each other’s lives

The Wellness Recovery Action Plan training wrapped up yesterday but it seems that this was just the beginning of our involvement in each others lives. Several people signed up to be supporters, people who could be part of a team to assist in the event of a crisis. About 10 people live in Milwaukee which is a very small city, and we have planned to meet next week in person and by phone. I took pictures of everyone receiving their certificates from the Copeland Center and posted them on my Facebook page. And we will probably connect through Facebook as well.

For me all of this intentional connection will be helpful. It may not include bowling, however. I mentioned to my friend last night that the Dryhootch vets drop in center has a connection with a bowling alley and she said she did not like bowling. Too many gutter balls in the brief time she had bowled killed it for her.

Both of the agencies where I work are intentionally trying to bring the employees together.  This kind of team building is intended to help people feel comfortable with the increasing rate of change taking place in the mental health system.  Things are very different from before I started working there and if anything they will continue to evolve. Now that I have my certificate, things will change even more.

And I can anticipate hearing my older sister ask me about my new relationship. Thinking that I may be taking things a little too quickly. When we become a part of one another’s lives, you do what comes naturally. We are on the phone talking a lot, going out together, messaging through Facebook and even visiting after work. This is a year in which I am increasing intimacy and expressing all kinds of deep yearning for closeness. I have spent far too much time apart. I am thinking of the song This Christmas wich speaks of two people wanting to get to know one another better. That is what we are doing from WRAP to being co-workers we are being together.


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