Real women are

For some, women are fantasies, to be idolized, ridiculed, lusted over and scolded. There are constant instructions for women from religion reminding them what they must do. It is as if women are children who are disobedient.

As for men, we have been the ones making the rules in religion and government, the main symbols of power. Men are over-represented in government so why are so many of us sitting there making up rules to govern women’s reproductive capacities? For every law that men approve ordering women to undergo vaginal probes, male lawmakers and executives should undergo cavity searches.

I am not that sort of man. I am a former poet, a jazz lover, and a change agent.

I have recently begun seeing a woman. I had no idea what I thought she was before we started dating. I knew that I liked her. I had seen her at meetings and I knew the agency she works for.

But once I began to know her, I thought, this is a whole woman who does important things. A woman of the heart and mind, as Joni Mitchell wrote. A woman to be admired, kissed, held, cared for, one day even loved. This is a woman to be kept by. A woman who reads, a woman whose cats love me. A woman with little interesting quirks. A quirky woman of little interesting sides. A woman to be reminded of and be kissed until I cannot stand. And when I have recovered, I start wanting her to kiss me again. You know, that kind of woman.

We did not meet via a website. Not Plenty of Fish, Single Mingle, Strange Local Women or Craigslist. I have tried a few websites but I never found “a keeper” through any of them. I meet women through political rallies, at work, or living in the same apartment building. They are in fact quite nearby. That is the odd thing about women. There are a lot of them around. I would not go to a Lesbian bar or bookstore to find women. However, some of them may become your friends. Wait until a woman becomes real and then you can decide whether to fall in love. Otherwise, she will be your friend, which be be okay, too.

Clouds (Joni Mitchell album)
Clouds (Joni Mitchell album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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