I don’t want my old life back, I want a better one!

English: Jomo Kenyatta Statue in front of Keny...
English: Jomo Kenyatta Statue in front of Kenya High Court, Nairobi, Kenya Русский: Памятник Джомо Кениате, Найроби, Кения (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


My new mantra is my old life sucked, hurray for the new Kenyatta! That’s what I present as my model of recovery. In my old life, I was often underemployed or sometimes unemployed. I was struggling to pay bills. I usually did not have health insurance. And there was no plan for me to be able to get benefits that other employees had. My relationships were not the way that I would want them to be. So, those days are gone, finito. They are pre-recovery. A period that needed a lot of work.


Today I operate from a sense of strength, talking with my financial adviser, my dentist, my mechanic, and my friends. I am much clearer on what I need. I can listen without becoming upset and instead shift into problem solving. I am the man man mother hoped I would become. It feels good and peaceful.


So don’t sit there wishing you had all of those old times because nothing will ever bring them back. I don’t, not in the lease. I can appreciate the good things that I have and I can’t wait until I see tomorrow.



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