Empowering myself

You hear the word empowerment so often that it can become a boring cliche. In my context, I can tell you that I did not stop at having a diagnosis or take my psychiatrist’s word as my final verdict. I questioned the medications and struggled with whether I needed them and decided which ones made sense to me and which did not. I created a career and reached an income at least as good if not better than I had before my diagnosis. I began putting together my medical team and was very active in deciding what I needed to do and why. I decided what employment supported my goals and which did not.

This is the person I had become when I met with the new psychiatrist. We discussed the pros and cons of the meds. I asked about getting a scan to look at my memory. we concluded that I was fine but I should do some basic things like taking notes so when I spoke today I had papers in front of my to help keep me focused.

When I used my experience, it was very appropriate. I was able to reach an agreement with the psychiatrist: I won’t go substituting herbal remedies without discussing them with her. And I will continue to recover. Sees fair, don’t you?



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