If I could not write, I could not breathe

GordonParks3 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I talk with people all the time about the need to write down their thoughts. Today I was very therapeutic with two people who write. And I have others who write and I tell them I cannot remember a time when I was not writing. I was even trying to remember the developmental stages. I think we crawl, then walk and then we write. I have never asked my mother or older sister when I started but I am curious. I was making plans with my dazzling lady friend about getting together tomorrow morning. She wondered whether I would want to stay close to the computer in case it commanded me to write and I replied not a chance.


Writing was one of the things I did that set me apart from my classmates all through school. It’s like what Gordon Parks and others talked about in terms of choosing your strengths. Writing is instinctive. When something happens, you think about it, wonder what happen, when and why. And who was involved. When Karen Avery died earlier this week, it was natural that it became a blog entry. That is how I understand things.


I was asked at the VA how I prefer to learn things and I understand my preferred method is to write about them. Most of the jobs I have enjoyed involved writing. People don’t realize but as peer specialists we do a lot of writing. And reading. So if you don’t like writing or reading, peer support is not for you.


I am trying to read more to help cut down on my tv watching. Today is Sunday, a time often reserved for sitting in front of television and watching your favorite taxpayer subsidized sports franchise. I have a pile of books from my new lady friend including High Tide in Tuscon, The Warmth of Other Suns and Deer Hunting with Jesus. I found myself become more attracted to her when she described herself as brainy. I think I am a sapiosexual, someone who is attracted to intelligence.When I talk with people who don’t display a lot of intelligence, I find there is not a lot to say.


Even with the people I meet in the mental hospital, I find the intelligent ones are most interesting to talk with. And very often they are writers. They keep journals or have scrapbooks. There are a lot of people who are simply angry about being there but give me a person who is thinking and writing about recovery any day. Relax and  breathe.



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