Introverted atheist transvestite seeks woman with good taste in clothes

Well, there it is. Away with the cliches about opposites attracting. What do they attract? Flies? Divorce lawyers? What sense does it make. why would you want to spend your most intimate moments with someone who shares none of your habits? Does not laugh at the same things as you? Or possibly even has no sense of humor at all?

My blog about respecting boundaries focused on the idea of religious or non-religious compatibility. But there is more. There are so many habits that people list on their on-line profiles that they don’t want in a mate. Smoking is top on my list. I have had a few relationships with women who smoked but I guess I was not thinking things through. If the main or the only thing you have in common is that you’re both so horny you would fuck the crack of dawn, why not go find Dawn? At least you will have a few hot nights.

I tried going out with a talkative vegan who had issues relating to obsessive compulsion. She nearly drove me crazy with her talking about her diet. We were so not compatible it was unbelievable.

For some reason, I tend to be attracted to Irish former Catholic women. My first girl friends were Irish women. My ex-wife was Irish. My old high school sweetheart who I tried to re-connect with through was Irish. In addition I enjoy Irish accents. I used to love the accent of Monica who was one of the angels on Touched by an Angel.

With a lot of these women we shared our difference and that brought us together. I learned about their culture and I shared mine. So although I have always been proud of being African-American, I was often in inter-racial relationships. we enjoyed the same kind of music, they didn’t smoke, they were peace activists and they were often at least a little introverted.

I have my more talkative moments but send me a woman who reads, please. I can imagine sitting on a couch reading and thinking for hours and then choosing moments we could fill with talking. And a woman with whom I would feel comfortable talking about things like money, death, fictional characters and a wide range of other topics with.  But, no she doesn’t have to worry about my wearing her dresses. Not yet.


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