Inviting Kenyatta

Karl Marx 1882 (edited)
Karl Marx 1882 (edited) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


One of the myths of vampires is that we must invite them into our homes. They’re often very seductive so that even though we know what they intend to do, we give up our natural lives willingly. One of the most seductive vampires I have seen was Frank Langella in his role as Dracula on stage and in the movie. There was something so alluring about him that I could see women and men willingly allowing him to bite their necks.


vampire mom
vampire mom (Photo credit: ∞ηєяαѕєηzαησмє∞)


I can certify that to to my knowledge, I have not been a vampire. However, I recently asked a woman whether she had ever been. She replied that I will have to find out. Of course, this made me more intrigued.


I wrote a short blog entry last night before our date about respecting one another’s boundaries   that seems to have attracted a lot of attention. I looked at religious boundaries as my starting point in looking at whether people people respect the boundaries of their co-workers,  or potential mates. There were two comments praising me, even though it was a quick one draft. One woman actually invited me to join a Facebook group. I used to respond to such invitations by quoting Karl Marx: I would never join a group that would have me as a member. However, I can be quite charming. Last night, I made a deaf cat and a hearing woman purr. So, watch out before inviting me.


Vampires (film)
Vampires (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




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