Is this a reasonable fear

Portrait of Mpho Nthunya, author of the autobi...
Portrait of Mpho Nthunya, author of the autobiographical book Singing Away the Hunger, Indiana Univ Press, 1997. Original Flickr description: She has a dry sense of humor and a kind of mischievous playfulness that shows in this portrait. She was always putting me on, and I always fell for it. She often warned me, “Your heart always gets you into big trouble.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have met a woman who appears to like the things that I like, has my sense of humor and is probably waiting to get her hot little hands on my next blog entry. So of course my mind starts wondering whether there’s something odd going on here. I asked her, quite directly, whether she had ever been a vampire. Ever the vixen, she replied that I will just have to wait and see.  Women say these things a lot. If you ask them, “are you really a man?” they will probably tell you, you will have to wait and see. What are are women not telling us? There’s probably a lot more. How old are they? Do they write? Very slowly, I would guess. Are women peer support specialists? Let’s hope not. Will they bite your neck and give you eternal life? They’ll never tell you. Are women in a situation comedy? Women in a comedy get all the best lines. They say things like, “I’ll have what she’s having.” Who remembers anything that a man said in that movie? Of course not. Well won’t it be just perfect.

The week that I become a change agent for mental health in Milwaukee, I have to go out with a vampire and get all creeped out. Does anyone remember that on Elementary, the Sherlock Holmes adventure, his greatest nemesis Moriartey, is a woman. When women describe themselves as brainy, busty and beautiful, what part of that alliteration do they think men are listening to?Men, we are one half of the world and probably more dependent on our reptillian brains than ever.

Sherlock Holmes in "The Man with the Twis...
Sherlock Holmes in “The Man with the Twisted Lip”. Original caption was “The pipe was still between his lips.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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