Kenyatta defends world patriarchy

English: Official picture of Janet Yellen from...
English: Official picture of Janet Yellen from FRBSF web site. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
First International Symposium on Chinese Women...
First International Symposium on Chinese Women and Their Network Capital (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It all started innocently enough. Someone in the No Gods No Masters feminist group posted a message about needing feminism to help teach boys that it’s okay to cry. As the defender of world patriarchy, I was offended, of course. I had been promoted to this position about a month a ago, and it was time to stand my ground. Especially after I saw comments about how society tells boys that it was not okay to cry.

In school I had endured some articles and videos about this very subject. The problem was, that try as I might, I could not recall a single moment in which my family told me that it was either okay or not okay to cry. I was left with the daunting task of figuring out my own emotions. It was  this lack of brainwashing that forced me to understand that feminism would probably be wasting its time worrying about whether or not boys were crying.

I  think feminism would be better served by concerning itself with equal pay, breaking down barriers in the military, encouraging nations to negotiate their differences instead of waging war, and entering the corridors of power. Janet Yellen being nominated as the first woman to chair the Federal Reserve, one of the most powerful positions in the world, is a big fucking deal. Whether or not boys  find crying is useful, not so much.

So, my position as director of world patriarchy is somewhat contradictory. And that’s just how life is, as I chuckle my way to the Apocalypse. One member of the group said I was rude for not caring about her issue. Then she escalated and declared that I was a troll and very much like her horrible family. One other person posted another link to the All Important Video. During this time, the government was shut down and I guess that people had very little to amuse themselves.  I am sitting back on my throne awaiting a new crisis to demand my attention.

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